About Tabla Niketan

Tabla Niketan is an example of how one man's passion can make a constructive difference not only to his life but also to the lives of others like him. When Shri. Satish Tare discovered the joys of Tabla, he couldn't remain content with playing it. He wanted others to explore this fascinating world of Tabla and decided to start a Tabla school in Cupertino (Bay Area, California), and thus "Tabla Niketan" was born.

Satish started with a few enthusiasts who joined Tabla Niketan upon its inception. The traditional "Guru-Shishya" style of teaching became popular with the students and with a favourable word of mouth the tribe started growing. Since then, he has never looked back.

When one comes to Tabla Niketan, playing tabla does not remain a mystery and a difficult technique that it appears to be. Here, Tabla is taught in the authentic traditional style. Classes introduce and develop understanding in tabla stroke techniques, recitation of 'bol's and theory of rhythm. Those who are new to Tabla can learn from the very basic while those, who already have some exposure or some basic skill, can get advanced training.

For group classes, students are grouped as per the age and skill level and one to one classes offer the exclusive training only for the concerned student. But personal attention is something that is ensured for everybody.

What sets Tabla Niketan apart, is the opportunity for the students to attend various workshops, concerts conducted by such maestros as Pt. Arvind Mulgaonkar, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. To add the real edge to the learning experience, students also get an opportunity to perform in various local competitions, events and concerts organised by local organizations such as "Dheemtana" in the Bay area. This ensures the complete and well-rounded training in Tabla.

Students of Tabla Niketan

Tabla Niketan class

Performance of Tabla Niketan students